Guest Chef Night with Claudia’s Mesa

A favorite from Colombia’s Caribbean coast are arepas, lightly baked corn patties.

Join the Community Cafe as we visit Colombia’s Caribbean coast on Wednesday, August 30 from 5 – 7 p.m. with Guest Chef Claudia Krevat from Claudia’s Mesa and Bozambique. Born and raised in Barranquilla on the north coast of Columbia, Claudia strives to fuse the foods from her home country with local Montana ingredients. Her menu for the Community Cafe will be a Caribbean inspired plate with Colombian corn patties (arepas), fresh greens and mango salad, coconut-cola rice with raisins, pulled ancho pork with orange, and cuban black beans.

As you dine on your Caribbean plate, enjoy music by Bozambique, a world-infused rhythm and blues band, inspired by Afro Pop, Highlife, Cuban & Brazilian song and dance.