Dinner’s on the Co-Op on October 2

Join us in partnership with the Community Food Co-op on Monday, October 2 from 5-8 pm, where Co-op Guest Chef Kelly Walunis will prepare a special Indian inspired menu featuring local Montana ingredients.

The menu will feature pork from locally-raised hogs purchased by the Co-op at the Junior Livestock Market Sale. The hogs were raised by Lane and Sage Smart and Samantha Draeger. Two of the hogs came from the Smart boys, who raised their animals without feed-grade antibiotics or growth hormones. The hogs had regular walks, a cozy shelter and a big mud bath. Earning from the sale will go towards their college savings.

The Co-op is proud to partner on this event with Pioneer Meats of Big Timber, who graciously processed the animals free of charge. The hogs yielded over 300 pounds of meat. Whatever is not used during the dinner will be donated to the Community Cafe for future meals.

Can’t attend? Donations can be made online, with the goal to raise $1,500 by October 2.