Exciting New Changes Coming to the Community Cafe!

Why the Changes?
We all want (and need) the Cafe to remain a permanent fixture in Bozeman. Therefore, one of our goals is that the new model and renovations will help us attract a larger customer base to ensure our pay-what-can-model remains sustainable. We hope to serve more families who may not have considered the Community Cafe as a way to take their family out for dinner, individuals looking to stretch their budgets, community members wanting to pay it forward and help a neighbor in need, and those just looking for a hot, delicious meal! The Communtiy Cafe will continue to provide an affordable and accessible meal for everyone in the community, and our commitment to operating on a pay-what-you-can model will not change. [Click on images below for an enlarged version.]

Cafe Operations & Budget
Our upgrades are designed to make the pay-what-you-can model financially sustainable. We have always operated at a deficit, although it has been dramatically reduced in the past few years. To continue to provide this unique and much needed dining experience for everyone, we have to focus on changes that improve our revenue stream to be more sustainable and have a lasting impact.

Town Hall with Cafe Staff
We realize these changes leave space for questions and conversation, and we’d love the opportunity to better explain the upcoming changes and renovations to you in person. Please join us at one of our town halls to speak with Cafe staff and ask any questions you may have on Wednesday, October 4 at 6pm or Friday, October 6 at 11:30 am. Both Town Halls will be held at the Community Cafe.