We would like to thank the congregations, organizations, and individuals who have supported our efforts and help us make the Community Cafe a reality.   We could not do this without you, nor would we want to!  We have more work to do and are looking for sponsors to support our long-term vision of the Community Cafe.

In order to continually provide nutritious meals, a welcoming atmosphere, and a place to learn and gather we’ll need your continued support. We provide dinner for roughly 80 individuals every evening and have plans to expand programming at the cafe to include youth development and job training opportunities, and community nutrition workshops.   If you are interested in becoming a business sponsor or community partner to help us sustain what we’ve already created and achieve our next steps we want to hear from you.

Please contact Kristin Hamburg at 406-585.4877 or email khamburg@hrdc9.org and we’ll start making our vision a reality. . . together.